Dealbaba Ka Pitara Contest Stand a Chance to win products worth upto Rs 3 lakhs.
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Dealbaba Ka Pitara Contest  Stand a Chance to Win WD 1 TB Portable Hard Drive Today @ 12 PM
Enter the DealBaba Ka Pitara Giveaway every week and stand a chance to win products worth upto Rs 3 lakhs.

How To Win The Giveaway?

Sign up or Log in to enter the Giveaway.
The winner is chosen on the basis of a lucky draw.
You may increase your chances of winning the giveaway by earning more ‘Entries’
How to Earn More Entries?
1. Vote up the Giveaway thread (earn 5 Entries)
Voteup giveaway thread
2. Suggest the Giveaway thread (earn 10 Entries)
Suggest giveaway thread
3. Share a unique URL* in comment section (earn 1 Entry)
Share unique url
4. At each step, hit claim after earning every Entry.
Claim after earning every entry
What is Unique URL?

For each Giveaway, we will ask you to share unique URLs from a specific store.
The unique URLs from that particular store only will be considered valid.
Intially, everyone will be able to claim the Entries for sharing URLs, but once the system validates all URLs, the user who shared a unique URL first will be given the Entry for it.
The Entries earned on invalid URLs, if any, will be removed at the end of the Giveaway.

Terms and Conditions:

You must be a registered user of Desidime to enter the Giveaway.
To participate in the giveaway you have to claim entries.
No purchase is necessary to enter the Giveaway.
Users creating fake id’s for multiple submission will be disqualified.
Contest starts from 12:00 PM and will run till 12:30 PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 10 weeks.
Only one lucky winner will be selected and the results will be announced by 1:00 PM.
Winner will be contacted personally via chat and he/she will have 1 hour to submit his address details.
If the winner fails to submit it within 1 hour then he will be disqualified.
The DesiDime team’s decision will be considered final and binding.
The DesiDime team reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.
User must be a resident of India.
Vote Up, Suggestions and URLs shared between 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM will only be eligible for claiming entries.

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Contest Mantra terms and conditions
  1. Contest mantra do not conduct any contest and don't have any relation with the brand running the contest.
  2. Contest Mantra have no responsibility if the prizes are not given you must contact the brand directly and you must not drag contest mantra into the matter.
  3. It is your responsibility to verify the contest before participate. contestmantra will do its best to inform real contest.
  4. we request you to not to share any personal information that is harmful to you. Always prefer creating the new email Id for contest participation only and do not share bank details or aadhar to any one. we request you to not to participate in the paid contests.
  5. Before authorizing facebook app check the permission it is asking
  6. Participare with your own risk.