Flipkart’s Bid And Win Contest Win GoPro Hero Sports and Action Camera
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Flipkart’s Bid And Win Contest Win GoPro Hero Sports and Action Camera

How to Play?
You need points to place a bid. You get your first set of points the moment you enter the contest.
2Use points to place your bid
The countdown clock indicates the time when you can get your next points.

3Lowest Unique Bid WINS!
A winning bid is the one that is the lowest and unique amongst all the bids placed in that contest.

What is Flipkart’s Bid And Win?

  • Flipkart’s Bid and Win contest is a way for you to win cool prizes and goodies on Flipkart. All you need to do is place a bid on a product (what is the amount you are willing to pay for this Product). At the end of the contest, the person with the LOWEST UNIQUE bid will win the prize.

What do you mean by Lowest Unique bid?

  • Lowest Unique bid is the lowest bid that a User has entered which no other user has entered. For example, 4 users may place bids of 2.50, 2.50, 3.20, 3.50. Although 2.50 is the lowest bid in this, it is not unique as another user has placed the same bid. Hence, the winning bid is Rs. 3.20

What is a valid bid?

  • A Valid bid needs to be a non-negative number in the Rupees and Paise format (2 decimal places). ‘0’ is not a valid bid amount.

How do I earn points to Bid?

  • You will earn a few points when you enter the contest. Apart from this, you can also get more points by sharing the contest page on social media. We also give one free point every few minutes. So, if you come back after a certain time, you will earn free points. Eg. If we are giving one free point every 15 minutes, you may come back after 1 hour and claim 4 free points.

Can I use previous points for the next contest?

  • No, points are valid for the duration of one contest only.

I have won a prize, when can I claim it?

  • Your prize will show up in the ‘My Rewards’ section on the Flipkart App, Mobile Website or Website at 14:00 hrs on July 31st, 2018. Click on the prize to avail it!

I have not won a prize. What happens next?

  • Oh no! We are sorry to hear that, but sincerely hope you get lucky the next time you play. Please wait for the next contest!

Where and When can I see the contest winners?

  • Winners will be announced by 21st July in the contest page (www.flipkart.com/bidandwin/winners) on the Platform.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

  • You can increase your chances by placing multiple bids at different intervals of the contest on the products. To do this, you need to come back to Flipkart and bid for the listed product during each run period.

When is the next contest coming up?

  • The next contest will be announced soon! Please keep checking the Flipkart website, mobile site or App to get the latest updates!

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