Play to Win! Guess the price to win FREE products from jabong
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Play it to Win! Guess the price to win FREE products, Early Entry to SALE & much more! Are you all geared up for EORS 22-25th Dec?

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Terms & Conditions:

These Terms & Conditions are operational only in India and open to participation of all the registered members of Jabong who are residents of India and over the age of 18 years.
Game Points (different from Jabong Points) are only given for the purpose of playing this game, and cannot be used for any other purpose on Jabong.
Once players are shortlisted for lucky draw, guessing the price of the product correctly does not guarantee a win, nor does a more accurate guess guarantee a higher likelihood of win.
Final winners for each round of the event will be selected by a random lucky draw. Winners will be announced on or before 21st of December, 2017.
The abovementioned lucky winners will receive a coupon worth a value equivalent to the final sale price of the product for which they made the winning guess. This coupon will be received by the winners on 23rd of December, 2017 and will be valid from this date until 25th December 2017.
This coupon can be used to redeem up to the value of the sale price of the product which the winner made the winning guess on, and can be redeemed on any product which was part of the promotion. Any taxes and/or handling charges must be paid and are not included in the winner’s coupon value.
This coupon can only be used once, only by the winner, and can only be applied on a single unit of a single SKU of a single order. If the coupon is not fully redeemed in a single order, the same will still be counted as used and the winner is not entitled to a new coupon of the remaining unused value.
The coupon cannot be used in combination with any other coupons or vouchers on Jabong.
Jabong cannot guarantee that the products showcased during this promotion will remain available in stock or in the preferred size of the winners until they have redeemed their winning coupon. Offer is applicable until stocks last.
Any game participants receiving Jabong Points will be able to use their Points on purchases made on Jabong website and app starting from 12:00 pm IST on 23rd of December, 2017 until the end of the sale.
Jabong reserves the right to be the final authority on all matters involving selection of the winners of the game.
Jabong further reserves the right to modify the game rules, conditions or rewards at any time without prior notice.
Jabong employees, their family members and friends are not eligible to receive the lucky draw rewards. assumes no responsibility for the products purchased using Jabong Points and any liability thereof is expressly disclaimed. Product warranty shall be regulated by the terms and conditions mentioned on the warranty card of respective products.
All disputes arising out of or in connection to this promotion are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi only.


First things first! To play the game, you must be signed in to your Jabong account.
Look for a style with the “Guess the Price” tag, click on it and you could stand a chance to win it for FREE!
Your objective is to get your guess as close as possible to the price of the product before it is revealed, to be eligible for the lucky draw. Assured reward to all players of 200 Jabong Points (worth Rs. 200)!
Red Zone (Way off): You’re quite far from the actual sale price, try again!
Yellow Zone (Could be better): You’re getting close, but others could be closer!
Green Zone (Almost there!): Congratulations! You have qualified for the lucky draw for this round because you have one of the closest guesses. Plus you get 400 Jabong Points!
All Jabong Points will be credited on 23rd December 2017. Click Here to know more about Jabong Points.

Insider tip: Maximize your chances of winning by guessing within the Green zone for as many products as you can!
There are 4 rounds in total with new products being revealed in each round:
Every round lasts 6 hours.
Every round, 1200+ new products will be revealed.
Every round, 50 lucky winners will be selected to receive the product they guessed correctly on, for free!
Keep in mind that you have limited game points. You only get 500 for the entire game. Each bid will cost you 20 points so choose wisely!
The lucky winners will receive a redeemable coupon worth the sale price of that product! How cool is that?
All lucky winners will be declared on or before 21st December. Keep your eyes on the Jabong app and website to find out if you won!

Contest Mantra terms and conditions
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  2. Contest Mantra have no responsibility if the prizes are not given you must contact the brand directly and you must not drag contest mantra into the matter.
  3. It is your responsibility to verify the contest before participate. contestmantra will do its best to inform real contest.
  4. we request you to not to share any personal information that is harmful to you. Always prefer creating the new email Id for contest participation only and do not share bank details or aadhar to any one. we request you to not to participate in the paid contests.
  5. Before authorizing facebook app check the permission it is asking
  6. Participare with your own risk.