What Do You CallIt Contest win some amazing prizes From Ebay
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Vroom away to the world of gaming with this creative mouse. But, #WhatDoYouCallit? Share your answers to win some amazing prizes
1. The promotion #WhatDoYouCallIt (hereinafter referred as “Promotion”) shall be valid from 18:00 to to 23:59 on 3rd July 2017 (hereinafter referred as (“Promotion Period”).
2. The Promotion is valid ONLY for the residents of India.
3. Participation in the Promotion does not require any purchase or transaction on www.eBay.in (“eBay Website”).
4. Participants need to follow www.twitter.com/ebayindia and www.facebook.com/ebaydotin and www.instagram.com/ebayindia/ (hereinafter referred as “eBay India Social Account”) during the Promotion Period.
5. Participant must be 18 years of age or above in order to participate in the Promotion.
6. A participant will not be gratified or declared as winner more than once during this Promotion.
Participation Process:
1. During the Promotion Period, the participants are required to use the following hashtag #WhatDoYouCallit and comment on eBay India Social Account “@ebayindia”
2. Criteria for winners:
a. Participants need to follow eBay India Social Account during the Promotion Period.
b. Participant must use above mentioned Hashtag followed by comments in order to participate in the Promotion.
c. Participants must answer the question posted by eBay India
d. One winner will be selected at the end of the promotion period
e. The winner will be gratified with a Philips Speaker.
3. The winners will be notified on eBay’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account on or before 15th July 2017.
4. Further, eBay will request the winners to send the contact details (such as his/her address, email Id and contact details) via DM on 17th July 2017. If the winner/participant fails to send the requested details, eBay will forfeit their gratification and no replacement will be offered for the same.
Contest Mantra terms and conditions
  1. Contest mantra do not conduct any contest and don't have any relation with the brand running the contest.
  2. Contest Mantra have no responsibility if the prizes are not given you must contact the brand directly and you must not drag contest mantra into the matter.
  3. It is your responsibility to verify the contest before participate. contestmantra will do its best to inform real contest.
  4. we request you to not to share any personal information that is harmful to you. Always prefer creating the new email Id for contest participation only and do not share bank details or aadhar to any one. we request you to not to participate in the paid contests.
  5. Before authorizing facebook app check the permission it is asking
  6. Participare with your own risk.